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Boyles Flooring

Color Variations

Daltile Embold Dash Shimmer Silver Gray/Black EO01124DECODA1P
Dash Shimmer Silver
Daltile Embold Diamond Shimmer Silver Gray/Black EO01124DECOD1P
Diamond Shimmer Silver
Daltile Embold Dash Glimmer Gold EO02124DECODA1P
Dash Glimmer Gold
Daltile Embold Diamond Glimmer Gold EO02124DECOD1P
Diamond Glimmer Gold
Daltile Embold Hex Light Grey Gray/Black EO03124DECOH1P
Hex Light Grey
Daltile Embold Stripe Light Grey Gray/Black EO03124DECOT1P
Stripe Light Grey
Daltile Embold Hex Medium Grey Gray/Black EO04124DECOH1P
Hex Medium Grey
Daltile Embold Stripe Medium Grey Gray/Black EO04124DECOT1P
Stripe Medium Grey
Daltile Embold Hex Dark Grey Gray/Black EO05124DECOH1P
Hex Dark Grey
Daltile Embold Stripe Dark Grey Gray/Black EO05124DECOT1P
Stripe Dark Grey
Daltile Embold Hex Dark Grey Gray/Black EO05124DECOH1P


Hex Dark Grey

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Product Attributes

Collection Embold
Color Hex Dark Grey
Width 24"
Length 1
Thickness 3/8"
Location Indoor
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