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Sanctuary Bathroom-Tulum Tide | Tile Flooring | Boyle's Floor & Window Design

Contemporary elegance that lasts

Tile is functional, sleek, modern, and customizable. Because it's so durable and moisture-resistant, it's the perfect flooring solution for bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor living areas. You'll also love how versatile it is and how many looks you can achieve!

Tile Types


There are many different kinds of tile you can get, depending on your budget and your needs. Common types include ceramic, porcelain, glass, cement, marble, mosaic, and different kinds of stone such as granite and limestone. While porcelain and ceramic are ideal for areas with lots of moisture such as bathrooms, stone is more porous and cannot hold up as well in similar conditions.

Carpet types | Boyle's Floor & Window Design

Tile Styles


Tile is incredibly versatile, which is one of the reasons it's so popular. With porcelain, glass, ceramic, natural stone, and many other types of tile, it is easy to create or replicate any look in any room. A simple, clean, neutral look, such as the one pictured here, complements the room's natural decor. On the other hand, you can use tile with colorful designs or busy patterns to add some energy to an otherwise plain space.

Laminate Styles | Boyle's Floor & Window Design

Features & Benefits


If you're searching for a new flooring solution, you've probably considered tile. If not, there are a few reasons you should! It's versatile and functional, and many types are incredibly easy to maintain. Porcelain and ceramic are completely water-resistant and add modern elegance to any space with ease. Stone tile, on the other hand, lends natural beauty. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of tile is the fact that there are so many different types for any application imaginable.

Revival Catalina Shaw Tile | Tile Installation | Boyle's Floor & Window Design


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