Laminate Care and Maintenance

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Preventative care

Regular maintenance will prolong your laminate’s longevity. Sweep, dry mop, and vacuum floors regularly, and blot up any spills as soon as they occur to avoid warping. Most common household messes should wipe or sweep away clean. That’s the beauty of laminate! You might also consider using doormats to capture dirt that could be tracked onto your flooring. Adding an area rug or two will also help absorb impact. 


Dealing with stains

Most stains will wipe away without any difficulty. For difficult stains or oil-based stains like lipstick and olive oil, consult with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Many of these tougher stains have simple solutions like using nail polish remover or freezing with ice before gently scraping away with a plastic scraper. You can also use manufacturer-approved hard surface cleaning products if needed.
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