Hardwood Care And Maintenance

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A little care goes a long way

To ensure the durability and beauty of your hardwood flooring, many of today’s manufacturers use scuff-resistant technology to keep floors looking their very best. Shaw’s ScufResist™ built-in hardwood floor finish, for example, protects floors from mark, scuffs, and stains. However, hardwood isn’t impervious! It will still experience wear over time. These simple tips will keep it looking great.


Preventative maintenance

For everyday care and maintenance, we recommend that you sweep, vacuum, and dry mop your flooring regularly. Don’t use a beater bar with your vacuum, though, as this could scratch your flooring. Make sure any cleaning products are manufacturer-approved.

If you’re a pet owner, frequently trim your pet’s nails. Removing high heels and heavy boots before trekking across your hardwood is another good idea. Finally, consider using a humidifier and a dehumidifier as needed, as hardwood is very sensitive to the indoor climate of your home. 


Dealing with stains and spills

Sometimes, stains and spills are inevitable. It doesn’t matter how careful you are! Fortunately, common household stains don’t have to permanently wreck your floors.

Most common spills, such as milk and other liquid messes, will wipe away, especially if your hardwood flooring has stain- and scuff-resistant technology. Just make sure you tend to them immediately, as hardwood is not water-resistant. For other stains such as wax or nail polish, you’ll want to consult with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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