Carpet Care & Maintenance

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Preventative maintenance

A little preventative maintenance will do wonders when it comes to prolonging the life and beauty of your carpet. First, always remove shoes before walking across your carpet, especially if you’ve been outside. Next, consider a carpet pad if you haven’t already, as this will improve support. Finally, make sure to vacuum your carpet regularly using a manufacturer-approved appliance.

Use the right tool for the job

A high-quality vacuum cleaner is your carpet’s best friend. Frequent vacuuming is necessary to remove the trapped dirt, dust, and fur from your carpet’s fibers. But not just any vacuum will do, although modern vacuums have gotten much more effective. Here are some useful tips on vacuuming Shaw carpets.

Dealing with stains

We know you run a really busy home, whether you’re frequently entertaining guests or just rallying your own little troops. Whatever the case, you’ll probably encounter a spill or two! Fortunately, many of our carpets are sold with stain-resistant technology built into the fibers, like Shaw Floors carpet with R2X, which makes cleaning common household stains a breeze. To learn how R2X technology repels stains and soils, go here.

When dealing with a stain, you first need to determine if it’s oil- or water-based. Some stains simply wipe away; others require a more comprehensive approach. Consult with our stain removal guide for more information.
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