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Why carpet?

Carpet is an ideal flooring solution for many homes⁠—particularly for those with children. It allows for wall-to-wall comfort and softness in any room, which makes it popular in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and hallways. It’s also extremely versatile, coming in distinct styles and pile heights for varying levels of softness and luxury.



Types of Carpet


As you decide what carpet is best in your room, you must choose which pile height is best. Ultimately, it will come down to your style preference.

Cut pile features a sheared strand. This is the part at the end of the strand where the fiber’s ends are exposed. It’s the most popular type of carpet and comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Be sure to look at the twist (the part where several strands are twisted together to form the final strand). A tighter and heavier twist means more resilience and durability. Frieze is a popular cut pile style.

Loop pile features a more continuous strand. Loop pile can be used in a similar pattern or it can be textured using loops of various heights. This creates unique textures and patterns throughout the carpet while adding durability. Tighter, more heavily twisted loops also means more resilience. However, pulled loops can lead to runs in your carpet.

There is also a combination called cut & loop pile, which can feature squares or swirls in the carpet’s surface. When combined, they then produce additional patterns. 


Each type of carpet can be further divided into several different styles. Some styles of cut pile include:

Saxony – Long, plush pile with an extra twist in each fiber. This is what most people are more familiar with.

Plush – Shorter pile with a soft, velvety appearance. It tends to display tracking from footsteps and vacuuming.

Frieze – Also known as shag, with a less formal appearance. It gives a luxurious look and feel to a room.

Some types of loop pile include:

Level loop – A simple, repeated loop for a uniform carpet surface. It doesn’t show tracking and is often ideal for rooms with high traffic.

Sisal – A textured loop, made in straight rows. It comes in a variety of patterns and textures.

Berber – Often characterized by chunky loops, originally popularized in commercial settings. 


Carpet at Boyle’s Flooring is unique and high-performance. Unlike hard surface flooring, carpet is hypoallergenic, trapping allergens from the air. This results in improved indoor air quality. These particles, such as dirt and dust, can then be vacuumed and fully removed.

In addition to being hypoallergenic, many of the carpets we carry feature Shaw’s R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System. This helps the carpet repel liquids and other stains. This system covers the entirety of each fiber and not just the surface. Shaw carpets also feature LifeGuard spill-proof backing for extra protection. 


While carpet padding is not a necessity, it is an important investment that will protect your carpet and extend its lifespan. Carpet padding is an unseen addition installed beneath the carpet, adding extra cushion while minimizing noise and maximizing insulation. Carpet padding from Shaw ranges in levels of cushion, comfort, and protection. One of our flooring specialists will help you decide on the right padding for your carpet and your budget.




Alexander Sokolsky
Alexander Sokolsky
Very helpful in carpet selection, very professional installation. Lots of choices and very reasonable prices.
Jeff Wiser
Jeff Wiser
Great work by your installation crew! Our new flooring looks beautiful!
Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen Murphy
Excellent work and reasonable prices.
Catherine Bond
Catherine Bond
Excellent service from design to installation
KMH White
KMH White
Great company to work with. Neat, clean and on budget. I would highly recommend.
Veronica Zambito
Veronica Zambito
We have used Boyles for several carpeting projects over the years. Customer service is always A+. We always work with Nancy who is very patient in showing different options and being aware of our budget. She always makes us feel that we can ask or request anything and she does her best to make it happen.
Karen Leisner
Karen Leisner
Great service and installation! Always use Boyle's for my flooring needs!
I highly recommend Boyle's for flooring installation. Jacqui is a knowledgeable, no-pressure salesperson who came out to my home to take measurements and answer questions and helped me choose samples of vinyl planks and borrow them to take home and test in the space. Horace installed the flooring and did superb work, going above and beyond to make it seamlessly fit a built-in shelving unit. The whole experience was great and easy, and the team was very professional and respectful of my home, my budget limitations, and my time constraints. I wish that I could have such a positive experience with all home improvement contractors.
Ashleigh Taylor
Ashleigh Taylor
Working with everyone at Boyles was a fantastic experience. Nancy worked quickly, professionally, and was always available for questions. Jose and his team of installers are awesome, they got the job done so fast and the end results were beautiful. Any time we need flooring or tile work, we’ll be calling Boyles.



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