Budget Friendly Flooring Options

In this economy, when dollars are not stretching as far as they once did, it’s hard to rationalize spending money on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Although new floors are not usually do-or-die, nor are they the least significant redecorating expense, they do make a big impact and represent a worthwhile investment. So don’t worry! There are flooring options that can improve your space without breaking the bank. Keep reading for more details.

If your budget is limited, there are a few things to consider before settling on a material for your floor. If at all possible, using one floor throughout your space will not only cut down on your material cost, but it can also greatly simplify the installation- especially if you are paying someone to do that for you. The installer will only need to bring all the appropriate equipment once and continue to work until the job is done. In addition, using one floor throughout creates a streamlined look to your space, rather than a patchwork, unbalanced effect of using many types of materials.

When operating within a budget, one consideration is cost to value; in simple terms, will the cost of the improvement elevate the value of your home? Hardwood floors are fabulous when it comes to adding value, but they cost much more per square foot to install and finish when compared to other options, making them not necessarily “budget friendly.” The following floors are better options, when keeping your budget in mind.

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