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How to Choose a Carpet for Allergies

How to Choose a Carpet for Allergies | Boyle's Floor & Window Design

At Boyles Flooring, we love the feeling of plush carpet underfoot. Every step cushions and soothes, providing comfort for all. For many people with allergies, though, wall-to-wall carpeting might seem anything but comfortable. However, the right carpet can actually trap dust, dander, and other allergens, removing them from the air.…

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Why You’ll Love Bamboo Flooring

Why You'll Love Bamboo Flooring | Boyle’s Floor & Window Designs

We cherish the undeniable beauty of hardwood flooring. This stunning, reliable surface gives us an instant connection to nature. Domestic species like oak and maple are thriving within the industry, but exotic species are also making a major impact with homeowners. Here at Boyles Flooring, we carry another option that…

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Why You Should Consider Cork Flooring

Why You Should Consider Cork Flooring | Boyle's Floor & Window Design

Every flooring industry game-changer, such as luxury vinyl, took some time to catch on among homeowners. Many of these truly innovative flooring solutions, however, will stand the test of time. Although introduced decades ago, cork flooring is one such flooring solution. Though it evolved slowly over the course of many…

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